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Montag, 10. April 2017 um 15:57 Uhr

Pünktlich zum Saisonstart möchten wir euch nun auch die Daten der WELCOME WAKEBOARD TOUR 2017 von O´BRIEN u. NOBILE präsentieren. Ein strammes Programm mit 22 verschiedenen Orten erwarten die Crew.

Die Boards von Nobile haben wir euch ja bereits frühzeitig vorgestellt, daher gibt jetzt nur noch die neuen Boards von O´BRIEN zu bestaunen. Aber ganz ohne geht es dann doch nicht, am Ende der Seite gibt es noch ein Nobile Video für euch.






Fade 133 / 138 / 143

The Fade was designed to make you a better park rider! Our exclusive Press Pass Rocker makes pressing a breeze with extended flat spots to help lock you in over the nose or tail. This rocker line, combined with our 100% Paulownia Wood Core, also causes the board explode off of kickers, so get ready to get booted. With its Wood Core, DuraRail Sidewalls, and Impact Base, the Fade was built with durability in mind and will keep you charging season after season.


S.O.B. 128 / 132 / 136 / 140 / 144

The S.O.B. may be the most versatile board on the market. Initially designed to appeal to the needs of the hard charging cable crowd, the S.O.B. has it all; Impact Base, DuraRail Sidewalls, Fusion Core, minimal channeling, and a concave hull. Its refined flex pattern feels snappy under your feet allowing for huge ollies, explosive pop off kickers, effortless pressing, and smooth landings. What’s even more impressive is that this “park board” excels behind the boat as well. Sean swears that it’s the best board he has ever ridden behind the boat and based on how he’s riding and how much fun he’s been having on the water this just might be your go to “boat board” as well.




Indie 136 / 140 / 144

Featuring a park-specific design built around a 100% wood core, the Indie delivers the optimum park riding experience with tons of flex on rails and a snappy pop off kickers. With its center tunnel running the entire length of the board, the Indie self-centers and locks onto rails with ease. Not only does this reduce friction on the rails, but it assists in tracking as well. To give this finless ride a little more bite, the Indie incorporates a series of stepped channels running along the rails, adding the perfect amount of traction on the water without sacrificing performance on obstacles. Finished off with our ultra durable Impact Base and DuraRail Sidewalls, the Indie is sure to make your next trip to the park your best one.



Fremont 133 / 138 /143

Affordable and durable, the Fremont is the perfect board to get you started in the park. Its ultra light Feather Core provides a firm platform between the bindings and a soft, forgiving flex in the tip and tail. This gives the board a smooth freeride feel on the water and plenty of performance on rails and kickers. Its featureless base and removable fins promote proper edge control for beginner and intermediate riders, so there’s no cheating here. From day one, this board will help you learn to ride the proper way and ultimately allow you to take your riding to whatever level you desire. Since we know that it won’t take long before you start playing around on the park features, we’ve armed the Fremont with DuraRail Sidewalls to handle the inevitable abuse you’ll put it through as your riding progresses.


Stiletto 132 / 136 / 140

For all of the women shredding the park, here is your new board! With its high performance freeride feel, the Stiletto will take your riding to new levels. The smooth, transitional flex pattern of the Fusion Core makes the board firm enough between your feet for an explosive pop off kickers, yet soft and flexy at the tip and tail for effortless pressing and impact dampening. Its concave base keeps the board riding high on the water; reducing drag therefore minimizing fatigue, so you can keep charging all day. Armed with O’Brien’s signature Impact Base and DuraRail, the Stiletto is capable of handling any park feature in its path. You’ll ollie higher than ever before, land tech tricks you’ve only dreamed of, and only take a break when the cable operator cuts you off.


Wer sich die Nobile Wakeboards nochmals in Erinnerung holen möchte, hier ist der Link.


Text: GF, POD International
Video & Bilder: Nobile, POD International
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