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Our mission in 2018 was to make every product in our arsenal better than ever. Through creativity, R&D, and good old fashioned trial and error, we’ve managed to develop new precision technologies, and even more durable materials. The result is a collection of next level products all manufactured using superior European craftsmanship. Introducing our 2018 Collection. We build your ride!



ADMIRAL (141, 146, 151) / APIK (139)

Every year we make it our goal to raise the bar when it comes to what riders expect from their gear. This past year was no exception, and for 2018 we’ve done it again. By advancing our technology, and working tirelessly to achieve the highest level of quality, we have been able to create revised and refined products that will define new levels of riding.


BAD ADMIRAL (141, 146, 151)

Premium Level park/boat board

APIK (139)

Female specific performance board


VESPER (138, 143) / ABLE (137, 141, 145) / EVOL (137, 145)

New technologies we’re introducing to improve rider performance in every condition include our new Diamond head shape, 3C reinforcement, and BLT base material. These developments allow our boards to be designed and built to perfection. Our superior 3DP base, FLT and Twin continue to work in the collection to improve and enhance riding performance. The 2018 collection’s graphics ensure a powerful visual experience from every product, and represent both our brand, and the aesthetic culture of our sport.


VESPER (138, 143)

Pro level cable/park board

ABLE (137, 141, 145)

Pro level cable/park board

EVOL (137, 145)

Team Level all-around machine


SOUTH CENTRAL (136, 140, 144) / MOFO (136, 140, 144) / SUPRAH (138, 144) / FAIRY (136)

With requests popping up every day for longer lengths of boards, we knew we needed to deliver so we could be sure to offer perfect performance for every rider. With additional lengths on select models, now riders of any size can find the deck they’re looking for.


SOUTH CENTRAL(136,140,144)

TEAM Series board

MOFO (136, 140, 144)

TEAM Series board

SUPRAH (138, 144)

TEAM Series board

FAIRY (136)

Pro level cable/park board



All the performance of the grown up version, in a smaller package that’s perfect for kids. This is the board of choice for little shredders!


YOUTH all-around park


If you’re still not convinced that a 2018 Mofour is the right choice for you, be sure to demo a setup, and let our products use their superior performance to speak for themselves.



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